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Deaths in Afghanistan

October 21, 2010

As we at The British Forces Foundation are in the business of morale we cannot help but be deeply affected by the recent deaths in Afghanistan (including someone I personally knew quite well) and the unusually high number in such a short space of time.

There’s no question that this will have an impact on those still fighting but I’m in no doubt that the incredible character and professionalism of the men and women of Britain’s Armed Forces will show through yet again.

We cannot ignore the political ramifications of recent days, which, in the main, I find disappointing because I know that yet again these words will lead to little action. I find it depressing that politicians and senior officers manipulate the surge of media interest in order to grab headlines when there’s no real action behind them.

I hope that the public continue to identify the very sensitive but clear line between rightfully questioning what our political masters are asking our young men and women to do whilst, at the same time, standing wholeheartedly and resolutely behind them.

We should all be in no doubt that every member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in Afghanistan are committed to the job they’ve been given to do, to supporting each other and to, at all times, making their nation proud.

Mark Cann Director, The British Forces Foundation (These are the personal views of Mark Cann and not necessarily those of the Charity)


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