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The Inbetweeners in Cyprus with BFF

November 19, 2014

The cast of the UK smash-hit comedy The Inbetweeners were in Cyprus with The British Forces Foundation this week on a morale-boosting visit to meet British Forces personnel based on the island.

James Buckley, Simon Bird and Joe Thomas, who play Jay, Will and Simon in the show, were given a taste of Forces life as they met personnel from British Forces Cyprus and British troops stationed in Nicosia with the UN.

After posing for hundreds of ‘selfies’ with troops, the trio were given a taste of Forces life as they strapped on riot gear, boxing gloves and full military combats and took part in numerous other activities.

The cast introduced screenings of their latest film, The Inbetweeners 2, to Forces personnel and their families and took part in a Q&A session in RAF Akrotiri.

In Episkopi, the actors were greeted in true military style by the Physical Training Instructor, who demanded they complete 10 press ups before entering the sports hall and joining 2 YORKS’, Burma Company in some PT.

That was followed by a quick ride in a Foxhound vehicle in full camouflage, a challenge that James was not prepared for: “They showed us all of their gear and the equipment that they have to carry with them and we wore that for about seven minutes and now I have got a back injury.”

Simon agreed, saying, “I couldn’t have done it for a minute longer.”

The trip was organised by the British Forces Foundation, who organise morale boosting visits to military personnel and whilst he was with 2 Mercian in Nicosia, James explained the reason for their visit.

He said, “We asked to do this and we set the wheels in motion and said we really wanted to come out and meet the guys and tell them what a great job they are doing.”

“We get a lot of messages and letters saying things like ‘me and my pals are in the worst place in the world and we passed around your DVD and it made us laugh and made us smile’ and when you get a message like that it makes you feel as though you have done something good with your life. So we made it a priority to come and take some pictures with the guys and get punched.”

Joe continued: “We just really wanted to show our support.”

And after taking part in three days of rioting, boxing, football, press ups and driving armoured vehicles, what impression has it left on the three actors?

Joe said: “I have got no energy left, I was not prepared, I am wearing trousers with a belt and I have just done boxing. We are proud of them and not everyone can do what they do and we respect what they are doing. Imagine if this was the sort of stock you were dealing with in the Army.”

James interjected: “I am regretting not paying more attention to the itinerary, I was just excited to be out here and meeting people and I didn’t realise we would be doing things like riot training. If it was left to us to protect the country, it would not be good.”

Simon simply said: “We are proving that not everybody can do what they do.”

Commanding Officer for the Dhekelia-based 2nd Battalion, The Princess Wales’s Royal Regiment, Lt Col Chris Davies, said the visit was extremely well received by the troops: “It was just fantastic to have them come out and visit the troops. Obviously the guys are huge fans of the show and James, Joe and Simon really threw themselves into the visit and everyone had a great time.” 

A BFF spokesman said: “It has been a hugely successful trip and The Inbetweeners cast were embraced by British Forces Cyprus.

“James, Joe and Simon received a tremendous welcome throughout the four-day visit. Not only did they sign endless autographs, pose for thousands of selfies and introduce multiple screenings of their film The Inbetweeners 2, but they were also great sports taking on every challenge the military could throw at them – and they have the bruises to prove it!

“They captured the mood of the visit perfectly and the experience proved a great morale boost for servicemen and women, and their families across Cyprus.

“BFF trips like this convey the support of the British public for their amazing Armed Forces. James, Joe and Simon have been fantastic ambassadors and conveyed that message in the best possible way.”

“A huge thank you to them and to all those involved in helping bring this visit to fruition.”

The Inbetweeners were without their fourth cast member Blake Harrison, who plays Neil, because he is currently filming the Dad’s Army movie in the UK, where he will reprise the role of iconic character, Private Pike.


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