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Return to Kosovo

March 30, 2007

THE world premiere of James Blunt’s return to Kosovo with The British Forces Foundation was screened in America in March 2007.

The 50-minute feature documentary was shown at the week-long South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

It was in September 2006, that the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter flew to the UN protectorate of Kosovo where, seven years earlier, he led a tank squadron as part of NATO’s liberation forces.

As his jet touched down on the Pristina airstrip, the two worlds of James Blunt – that of international pop star and that of a former British Army Captain – came together for a unique, emotional experience that neither he, nor his fans, will forget.

James joined BFF Founder Jim Davidson OBE and Katherine Jenkins to complete a spectacular line-up for The British Forces Foundation’s show. The trio wowed the 450-strong audience – British servicemen and women and invited guests – at the make-shift ‘hangar’ theatre.

In the film James Blunt: Return to Kosovo, the artist is reunited with several of the young Albanian interpreters who had worked with his troop during the liberation of Kosovo. Together they retrace their steps, visiting several outlying towns James the soldier was charged with protecting, including the site of a mass grave his Unit happened upon during his time there.

The documentary also includes James’ own home video footage of the war-torn Kosovo of 1999. The sharp contrast between Kosovo past and present reveals a country much changed and improved through the efforts of NATO troops, yet remains possessed by a distinct haunting rawness from the still-recent atrocities committed there.

James’ performance with The BFF is expertly captured by Academy Award-nominated director Steven Cantor; his signature voice shines and his thoughtful, sensitive lyrics take on new meaning during this truly special show.


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