WO1 Steve Cass

WO1 Steve Cass

WO1 Steve Cass is an Air Engineering Technician with over 27 years Naval service which includes numerous front line tours with Fleet Air Arm Squadrons.

Entering the RN as an Air Engineering Mechanic Second Class in 1986 he spent much of his early career serving onboard RN and RFA vessels during operational service east of the Suez. The highlight of this was a six month tour of the Far East in 1988 onboard HMS Ark Royal and being in Sydney for the Royal Australian Navy bicentennial celebrations.

Selection for and completion of Artificer training led to his certificate of competence to supervise aircraft maintenance in 1994 whilst serving in the challenging and rewarding environment of a busy search and rescue squadron. Promotion over the following years peaked in 2008 when he achieved the rank of Warrant Officer 1st Class.

2013 has been a particularly rewarding year for Steve as not only has he received the Meritorious Service Medal for good, faithful, valuable and meritorious service throughout his career, but after interviews with the 1st and 2nd Sea Lord he was selected to be the Warrant Officer of the Naval Service (WONS). This is the first time any Engineer and member of the Fleet Air Arm has reached such an influential position: WONS is the most prestigious role for a Warrant Officer and is the channel between the non commissioned ranks and most Senior Naval officers. The position carries a remarkable badge; a “Ceremonial Cane” furnished from wood from the oldest still commissioned ship in the world, HMS Victory.

Steve is a proud Cornishman who is married to Alison who is an equally proud Yorkshire woman. They have three daughters aged 18, 14 and seven. His interests include walking their energetic spaniel, pilot gig rowing and working with local schools to support children of Service personnel who are deployed.

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