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End or tour Festival in Germany

18th June 2024

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More than 300 personnel enjoyed an End of Tour Fest having been deployed to Germany for six months away from family and loved ones.

The event took place to mark the finish of Op LINOTYPER and was staged at Normandy Barracks in Sennelager.

"It took a lot of hard work in the end but it went amazingly well," said WO2 (SSM) Deveroux Buckley RLC. "All the troops had a good time and they are still talking about it."

Some 400 personnel from multiple cap badges - part of 104 Theatre Enabling Bde - deployed in January to provide support for British troops transiting through Germany for Ex STEADFAST DEFENDER 24, COMBINED RESOLVE, IMMEDIATE RESPONSE and SWIFT RESPONSE among others.

It has been "very demanding" for all the troops involved, and BFF was delighted to be able to offer assistance with the End of Tour Fest which included a live band, dj and other fun entertainment.

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