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New Chairman at the BFF

October 19, 2023

Air Vice Marshal Matt Wiles CB CBE has taken over the reins at The British Forces Foundation.

Matt has succeeded Laurie Mansfield as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, who in turn has become President of the Charity.

“Laurie had been Chairman for almost as long as the Charity has been in existence, and provided sage leadership and guidance over that time,” said Matt. “A seasoned professional in the entertainment industry, his contribution has been essential as the Charity has drawn entertainers in to support the UK’s Armed Forces.

“With his wealth of experience thankfully Laurie isn’t going far – the Board of Trustees has invited him to assume the role of Charity President, a post last filled by Baroness Margaret Thatcher, which he has duly accepted. On behalf of all who have benefitted from the work of the BFF, thank you Laurie for your sterling work.”

As someone who was a member of the regular Armed Forces for some 34 years (and continues as a Reservist) Matt is passionate about the work the Charity performs. “The Charity has an ability to demonstrate the affection and support the UK public feels towards its Armed Forces through the direct private donations that fund our activity,” he said.

“In my mind, there is little better than enjoying a laugh and feeling happy amongst friends and colleagues, especially in trying circumstances, and the BFF seeks to provide the catalyst for this to happen, whether on operations, on exercises, or wherever the Armed Forces are based. 

“My focus as Chairman will be to maintain and mature this support, ensure that we are resourced to deliver on our promises, and continue to build strong partnerships with the Armed Forces. Most importantly, I will support the Charity’s main focus…to continue to provide morale-boosting entertainment to the exceptional men and women of the UK’s Armed Forces.”


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New Chairman at the BFF

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