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Arbroath Rebound

25th June 2007

ROYAL Marines returning from Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq were treated to a British Forces Foundation show to remember on June 25.

Dinner with Baroness Thatcher

6th May 2007

SOME 28 supporters of The British Forces Foundation enjoyed dinner with the Charity's President, Baroness Thatcher, at a London venue.

Visit to HMS Cornwall

25th April 2007

FOUNDER of The British Forces Foundation, Jim Davidson OBE, made a morale-boosting visit to the Captain and crew of HMS Cornwall. He spoke of the pride in their successes and the good work they'd undertaken on Op Telic on behalf of the country.

London Marathon 2007

15th April 2007

THE British Forces Foundation’s team of runners all completed the 2007 Flora London Marathon, raising more than £13,000 for the Charity.

Nuffield Trust donation

3rd April 2007

NUFFIELD Trust for the Forces of the Crown has once again demonstrated its tremendous support to The British Forces Foundation with a £25,000 grant.

Joe Pasquale visits Selly Oak Hospital

2nd April 2007

COMEDIAN Joe Pasquale visited wounded servicemen and women in Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, on behalf of The British Forces Foundation. Joe spent two hours talking to patients and he described the experience as very moving and humbling.

Return to Kosovo

30th March 2007

THE world premiere of James Blunt's return to Kosovo with The British Forces Foundation was screened in America in March 2007. The 50-minute feature documentary was shown at the week-long South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. It was in September 2006, that the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter flew to the UN protectorate of Kosovo where, seven years earlier, he led a tank squadron as part of NATO's liberation forces.

First Defence Speech in House of Commons

19th March 2007

BRITAIN'S Armed Forces have never been busier. Operational deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq call upon the highest levels of training from our armed forces. They have never let us down. But are we letting them down?

Music Night Fundraiser in Swindon

15th March 2007

A MUSIC night, organised by Samara Smith in Swindon, raised ᆪ200 for The British Forces Foundation. The event was a thank you from Samara for The BFF's help and co-operation with her dissertation on the history of entertainment within the Armed Forces.

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